Oztion focused on keeping our sellers happy.

By keeping prices low, OZtion made it easy for sellers to make a profit.

But price isn't everything. So we focused on quickly innovating with new technology, constantly looking for new ways to ease the pain of buying and selling online.

Rather than waiting to perfect new features in our lab, we listened to feedback from our users, and began to rapidly enhance site features. On a weekly, sometimes even daily basis.

We listened to our members, and OZtion rapidly transformed.

ratingratingratingratingrating   Quality: 80  Environment: 60  Service: 60  Price: 60
A professional Aussie website.

ratingratingratingratingrating   Quality: 60  Environment: 60  Service: 60  Price: 60
It looks so hot.

Beautful xmax tree for today:

Zazz is a very special internet-based store that only sells one item a day, at a large quantity. Zazz will continue to sell that item until either it sells out, or the 24 hours ends. Should it end prematurely, you're more than welcome to hang out but a new item won't be available for sale until midnight the next day. Beyond this, Zazz is also a community of people who love gadgets and buying cool things they've always wanted but could never afford, until now.

The company's contact details are as follows:

Zazz Trading Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 1102
Windsor Victoria 3181

ratingratingratingratingrating   Quality: 80  Environment: 80  Service: 80  Price: 60
Thanks for Australia one day one deal online shopping. They provide affordable prices for this economic crisis.
I feel ozstock is better than zazz in price and some additional functions.

ratingratingratingratingrating   Quality: 80  Environment: 80  Service: 60  Price: 100
Nice pickup option as I live close to it is warehouse.

Free battery today only!!!

ratingratingratingratingrating   Quality: 100  Environment: 80  Service: 100  Price: 80
Products are not in width range, however I satisfy the quality they provide.

Hyundai Multimedia Hi-Fi Stereo Headset with Microphone sold in a few days ago:

I will buy some gifts for this Xmas.

ratingratingratingratingrating   Quality: 80  Environment: 80  Service: 60  Price: 100
As a free gift, the quality is ok, there is no free lunch. The most important thing is that i have bought a few products with great quality.

Helen, I think Ozstock's idea is great, you need to buy Gucci glasses that cost a few hundreds dollors.

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