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Logiczne Zagadk
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Logiczne Zagadk
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Logiczne Zagadk
There are two types of intelligence - crystallized and mobile.

Crystallized intelligence is your ability to apply information, skills and existing experience, that is, we are talking about the knowledge accumulated in the brain. It builds up with age and is given importance in most Western cultures (especially since they learned to measure it with standardized tests).

Agile intelligence, by contrast, is your ability to identify patterns, solve new problems, and apply logic in new situations. The point is not how much you know, but your ability to be creative, understanding, innovative and forward-thinking.

Improving crystallized knowledge is not difficult - you need to read, listen to podcasts, accumulate factual information, study. The situation is different with the mobile intelligence. It is not about facts and knowledge, but about your ability to work with previously unknown things - in other words, to be resourceful.

Meditation as an IQ Trainer

New research has shown that there is a means to dramatically improve both your agile intelligence and your IQ in general. It's about meditation.

Indeed, meditation is beneficial not only for mental health, stress management and mood enhancement, but also for maintaining the necessary emotional balance as opposed to reactivity.

Meditation can also make you smarter.


An Isle of Peace in the Digital Vortex: How Calm Meditation App Became a Unicorn

Siegfried Othmer, former president of the Neural Feedback Division at the Society for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, has conducted research on neural feedback. Those who meditated had an average increase in IQ of 23%.

Meditation not only allowed study participants to improve their IQ, see here:logicznezagadki.pl but also had long-term effects, a study conducted a year later showed. Its meditators showed marked advantages in creativity, concentration, and introspection.

Give your brain a break

Another striking study found that after four days of 20-minute meditation sessions, participants showed significant improvements in memory, perception, and reduced stress levels. Perhaps most notably, the meditators' scores on the short-term memory test were 10 times better than the control group. Namely, short-term memory is a very important component of mobile intelligence.

Why does meditation increase your IQ? There are several reasons, but the main one is that deep meditation slows down brain activity.


Drink nootropics, read the Bible and stand in the bar - how entrepreneurs from Russia and Silicon Valley spend the morning

As soon as the brain transitions to the phase of slow impulses (also observed in delta or theta rhythms), the brain increases its flexibility or the ability to reorganize itself. By practicing mindfulness through meditation - whether breathing, mantras, or music - you are giving your brain the respite it needs. That's all there is to it: you give your brain a rest, and it changes for the better.

It is worth noting that none of the groups that experienced such amazing accomplishments consisted of yogis and did not meditate for hours. In fact, the second group meditated for only 20 minutes daily for 4 days, less than an hour and a half in total. It would have taken longer to watch the movie.

Chorales and vibrations

Everyone knows meditation is good, but the challenge is getting started. It's like going to the gym. We all know we should enroll there, but ...

If you do decide to give it a try, there are many ways to go about it. One popular one is Headspace , an application that markets its use as "a membership in a sports club for the mind." It offers step by step meditations and the ability to track your daily progress in doing so.

In addition, there are programs that use binaural beats to fully engage the brain and connect the left and right hemispheres. For example, LifeFlow offers a meditation option based on 10 audio tracks that trigger specific impulses in the brain, namely alpha, theta and delta rhythms, leading to a state of deep meditation.

There are many other options as well. You can always practice mindfulness meditation and sit with your eyes closed, focusing on your breath. Or do the same while listening to quiet music, such as Gregorian chants with their unique rhythms and vibrations.

The New England Journal of Medicine states that you must meditate for 12-15 minutes at a time to get the health benefits you want. It won't take long. In fact, the more research is done on meditation, the more obvious that it’s not the duration, but the regularity.
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