Ayur Pty Ltd - Natural & Organic Health Products

Buy the best Organic Maca Powder at $8.45 Only!

Ayur Organic has the widest range of herbal products online. Maca powder is nutty in flavour and acts as an energy booster. It has a positive effect on hormone balance and energy l ... (16/11/2016 18:08:19)
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Buy Premium Quality Spices and Herbs

Are you a spice lover and looking for some sweet smelling and aromatic organic Indian spices? Ayur Organic brings you the original and authentic spices, which are of premium qualit ... (17/10/2016 14:02:28)
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Winter Sale on Massage Oils in Melbourne

Buy massage oils from Ayur Organic this winter. The organic oils ensure equal warmth throughout the body, without any side effects. Use specially extracted herbal oils for remedial ... (07/09/2016 18:11:28)
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Managing a kapha vata pitta constitution by Ayur Organic

In Ayurveda there are three main body types, also known as the disease: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These diseases have a significant influence on our individual physical, mental, and ... (23/08/2016 17:51:18)
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Get The Power of Vata and Pitta

Now get the traits of Vata Dosha that are light, cool, dry and cool along with the traits of Pitta Dosha that are hot, sharp, versatile, sleek, and entering. Ayur Organic is provid ... (12/07/2016 13:39:29)
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Rejuvenate yourself with Ayurvedic massage oils!

Ayurvedic massage oils are a positive way of unlocking the body’s natural healing ability. Massage oils make you strong and beautiful and helps to revitalise the Body and Mind. It ... (20/06/2016 15:14:21)
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Say no to bad breath, buy a tongue scraper from Ayur Organic

Ayurveda recommends cleaning of the tongue as an important part of maintaining oral hygiene, along with regular brushing and flossing. Gently scrap your tongue back and forth for e ... (11/05/2016 16:27:09)
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Most extensive online range of Ayurvedic products

Buy natural health products online only at Ayur Organic. We deliver Australia wide. The web store is quite intuitive and simulates the experience of an actual store. There are sepa ... (02/05/2016 18:02:42)
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Ayur Pty Ltd - Natural & Organic Health Products Located at
PO Box 3203, Melbourne West, VIC 3023, Australia.
Phone: (03) 83618103
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